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 Welcome to Hotel “Donec” in Svyatogorsk.

 If we need to describe our hotel by European standards – it’s something similar to a Guest House. Situated right in the Centre of the town, just opposite of the Post-office, Hotel “Donec” would be proud to serve the foreign visitor.

One of the greatest Scientist of the Russian Empire, Anton Chekhov used to say:  "Svyatogorsk is Donetsk's, Switzerland"


We also would like to explain to you how and why our small town Svyatogirsk (Svyatogorsk) with no more than 5,000  population became such a popular tourist destination in the Eastern Ukraine with over 50,000 yearly visits.

There are two major factors:

1. Historical and religious;

Svyatogorsk was founded in VXI century by Cossacks and runaway peasants from Central Russia, and several decades later, the monastery was built on the right bank of “Donec River”. This was the beginning of centuries establishment of religious capital in the region, illuminated by a multitude of events, from conquest and ruin by Crimea’s Tatars to complete closure of the monastery after the arrival of the Soviet power.

Currently, the monastery is considered one of the greatest wonders of the Ukraine and does not fail to touch the country's Orthodox population.

2. Geographical uniqueness in the Donetsk region;

More than 90% of the Donetsk region - are undeveloped fields known as "Steppe". The uniqueness of the Svyatogorsk is the presence of pine forest and the “Severskiy Donec” River. The combination of forests,the river and religious shrines - makes it the most popular travel destination for one of the most industrialized region of the country, with more than 10 million population and 25% of the GDP of Ukraine.

When the monastery was closed during Communism – Soviet authorities were using the premises of the monastery as a type of health spa retreat for the working class of the Soviet Union. This is why Svyatogirks is so popular and an attractive destination in the local tourism market.